Safeguarding Digital Assets

Knox is a regulated digital assets custodian for financial institutions and businesses

A Custodian for the New Digital Assets Economy

Knox’s custodian service combines a comprehensive suite of military grade security measurements along with the highest financial industry standards and policies. A team of cyber security specialists, relationship managers and certified auditors is standby 24/7 to make sure our clients are both protected and served.

Knox, a regulated entity, acts as a custodian of digital assets for financial institutions, hedge funds, large corporates and other large blockchain companies looking for a trusted 3rd party. Whether it is due to regulations, fund policy or simply making sure their digital assets are safely secured, Knox provides it customers a reliable, regulated, auditable and highly secured solution.


We know, from years of service in leading intelligence agencies, that security is not just physical or operational. We understand, from our vast experience in the financial industry, that custodianship is not just about policies and regulation. A secured custodian is a state of mind for everyone involved; from the first line of code written by our cyber-experienced engineers, to our day to day operators and relationship managers, enforcing neatly crafted methodologies to ensure your funds’ safety and peace of mind.


Knox provides a simple and robust API to integrate external digital currency wallets and other applications. Through the use of our programatic interface, you can easily query for account balance, history and even deposit/withdraw funds from your account.


About Knox

Knox is a global digital asset custodian attending to the needs of financial institutions and businesses. Knox services are based on cyber-security technologies and methodologies from elite cyber agencies, global AML and KYC compliance and a comprehensive suite of security measurements, ensuring intelligence-level safeguarding of digital assets. Our team of dedicated relationship managers tend to our clients’ every need, including fund transfers, balance confirmation and any other account-related requests.

Knox is Part of First Group

First Group creates products and services for the digital asset ecosystem through incubation, investments and partnerships. Via its portfolio companies, First caters to large corporates and brands, financial institutions, family offices, hedge funds and HNWIs. The group has raised significant funds (in equity)  from several leading VCs and Super-Angels such as Target Global, Yariv Gilat and Sir Ronald Cohen. First operates in compliance with local regulations, to ensure its partners the highest standards in the industry.